POPI: Is Facebook data in South Africa ?

Is Facebook POPI compliant ?.

It is no secret, Facebook is storing private information about your activities,  but did you know what data: have a look . To see your data: click the settings tab and under “General Account Settings”, click “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.

As I understand with my limited knowledge of POPI compliance, the idea is to store your data in a safe place and to have control over who has access to this data.

The data referred to is your electronic communications, which includes anything you send and receive via the different communication channels (email, Facebook, Linked-in etc) used to conduct business.

Is Facebook POPI compliant?

Do you really have control over what is stored via privacy settings?

Do we have some sort of policy on how this data may be used?

Is this data in South Africa?

I believe the general feeling is no, we do not have control over the data and what data is stored or even where it is stored.

Smarsh and Actiance (who recently became the larges Archive vendor through their merger) already predicted this problem. With 80+ communication channels being archived and applying DLP (Data Lost Prevention) policies on what may be send through these channels, allow customer to restrict sensitive information to be leaked and also have a content rich archive.