OpenDNS Umbrella Alternatives for Web Filtering

In general terms, WebTitan is a direct swap out technically for OpenDNS/Umbrella. They are both DNS filters and based on the same core principles.  OpenDNS Umbrella has evolved from a free service to a paid for service that has recently been acquired by the tech giant Cisco. Over the last 36 months, many Cisco OpenDNS Umbrella customers have already switched to WebTitan.

UPDATED 2018 OpenDNS Umbrella Alternatives

The key reasons that customers and managed service providers are looking for OpenDNS alternatives includes the following:

1. Pricing

2. Differences in Support levels

3. WebTitan is Easy to use and manage 

4. Data Compliance – Where exactly is your data?

5. Twice as much custom reporting with WebTitan than OpenDNS

6. Google Safe Search problems with OpenDNS

7. WebTitan Extensive API

8. Alerts

9. Post-Sales Support

10. Active Directory Integration

11. Your Own Private Cloud

Read the full articale on the benifits of moving from OpenDNS to WebTitan